• Harry reminded himself that Lily had intervened; his mother had been decent, yet the memory of the look on her face as she had shouted at James disturbed him quite as much as anything else. She had clearly loathed James and Harry simply couldn’t understand how they could have ended up married. Once or twice he even wondered whether James had forced her into it… For nearly five years the thought of his father had been a source of comfort, of inspiration. Whenever someone had told him he was like James he had glowed with pride inside. And now… now he felt cold and miserable at the thought of him.

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    ∟» “Harry, you are so loved. Mama loves you. Dada loves you. Harry, be safe. Be strong.”

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    I think you can tell a lot about a person by which death in Harry Potter hurt them the most.

  • After two years of being treated like mice, tonight we’re making a stand. Tonight we’re taking the fight back to the Creators, no matter what we have to go through to get there.

    T o n i g h t  t h e  G r i e v e r s  b e t t e r  b e  s c a r e d .

  • Ill do whatever it takes to help my sister.